mandag den 2. august 2010

Second day of blogging!

Exactly as the titles says!

Today started of easy, waited some hours before my friend Foxy would come over. I picked her up at the station and then we went to the mall like 50 meters away to get an appointment at the hairdresser on the 9th, uuuh~

We then went home and straight into my garden to practice our act for Genki 2010! We're very exited abuot it, and it's something I'm so freaking nervous about! I want it too look absolutly perfect, and do my very best, so I hope it'll go well! At least now, we didn't make any mistakes and new exactly what to do!
Then we tested it with some of the cosplay on and my chainsaw, and noticed that it was still wet in some places (And I painted it like 1 week ago...) but it was a very thick paint and there's no air getting into the room where it stands!
Then I sat down for an hour or so and painted the last of the chainsaw

I'm making quite a mess on the beforehand white cloth ..... he he....

Some time after it began to rain, and after it took off I went out to take some pictures or our cherries <3

and that's all for today, see ya' guys <3

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