torsdag den 4. november 2010


Hey there, guys!

At the moment I am in school, and we're having math.... I swear I'm following in class!....
or not....

Yesterday we had OD day acroos the country on all the high schools in Denmark. I worked with 3 other girls from my class to get money to help a country, and we had to clean out the attic for an apartment.
We arrived at 10 and at 10:30 we had finished cleaning one of the rooms.... mark my words, ONE of the rooms....!
Then we went down and relaxed a bit and then suddenly he came over and said, that we had to go to the door to the left and down the hallway. Then there was 4 other hallways filled with couches, TV's, curtains, teddy bears, madrasses and all sorts of heavy stuff that I don't know the name of and glassplates and so on...! And we had to get them from 6th floor down to the street and into a dumpster
My arms are so sore..... and my legs and knees.. urrrrrghhhh *feels like a zombie*

Besides that I sat on livestream for the 2nd time yesterday and tried to continue on a concept I had of my character U, for 26 Letters.
At the moment, I don't like any part of what I've drawn of it... I only like the sketch but the coloring annoys me è____é
His face is too stiff and doll like, and his yes makes him look like a pedofile, herp derp
and the hair.... I've always had trouble with coloring hair, but seriously..! I color it the same way as I color fabrics!
BUT I WON'T GIVE UP!!! I like the concept and I soooo want to finish this drawing, so I have to find a way to get satisfied with it!
The link to my livestream is this if you want to check it out or give me tips during my drawing, please do so!!
Don't be scared to suddenly go "Hold on a minute woman, you're doing it wrong!" Cause' I won't know unless you tell me, and I can't improve unless you help me, so pleeeease do help!! <3<3<3

I think that's it for now, sorry I didn't have any photos this time!
See ya' guys! <3

torsdag den 28. oktober 2010

So yeaaaah.....!

Hey there all you lovely people out there!!! 8D

I always forget about that I have an account here and I'm so bad at posting blogs, I'm terribly sorry I'll try and improve..! >__>

Soooo, I will try and make this interesting~

Last week I spended with over at two of my very good friends house, and I can't even explain how cosy it was and how much I wish I could go back to them!

I traveled there by train with Lavi, Samie and Yoshu on saturday morning at 12 o'clock, and we arrived there around 14 o'clock as far as I remember
here we are on our way to their place!
We were also joined by Cawa and Karina, so we ended up being 8 girls the first 3 days and I soooo want to do it again!

Me and Bøllemis (if you read this journal, yes I just called you Bøllemis to censor your name and because bøllemis is made of awesome <3)
Made cakes for the whole lot on the first day... or...we tried to....

We started out planning that we wanted to make a small celebration for Lavi and Lolo because they had been to WCS, but then Bøllemis came up with the idea that we should make one for everyone in pairs, and so we did!
She baked them (and they tasted f****** wonderful!) and I TRIED to make a sort of nice decoration on them... I failed .... a lot...

Or at least I like to think that way....<3

Here they are, our ever so wonderful cakes (the last one failed because the chocolate screwed up and ended up looking like poo) The first cake is of Lavi and Lolo as Sora and Kairi halloween version, the next one is *insert two fancy names that I don't know of* from Durarara...rararara!! and the last one SHOULD had been Denmark and Norway from Hetalia, and we couldn't make the very last cake that should had been for ourselves... ;u;

 the last picture is the number one reason to why I shouldn't be allowed in a kitchen....

Sorry for looking terribly scary!

So! Besides all this, in the evening we managed to play a good game of Disney question thingy (that I have forgotten the name of!)
And the next day we went out to take some KRH photos. Sadly I don't cosplay from that series so I made a very fail Halloween version of Vanitas OTL;;
But we got some wonderful photos of the others <3 (at least I think so) <3

When the others went home at monday, it was me and Aniki who was left. One of my other friends, Lou joined us, and we spent the next 4 days together!
I even managed to make my homework in between it all, quite amazing actually!!
We went out on some Sora and Vanitas photoshots and some regular ones as well!

The one where I had to wear the long weid zebra dress, I had to walk barefeet and it was so cold and it had just rained!! QuQ

I then went home saturday morning on the 24th, and went to the movies afterwards at 18 o'clock with 30 others 8D
Aaaand, that's I really have to say for now!

I am working on commissions for the upcoming con, J-popcon! I'll be there saturday to hand out drawings and look around a bit, and can't wait for Captain' and Fie to come and sleep at my place ~ <3

So, see ya guys, whenever i remember that I got an account here again! 8'D

tirsdag den 10. august 2010


Hello guys! I've been at genki and it was a hell of a lot of fun!
Sorry for not blogging for a while, but to be honest I forgot I even had an account here OTL;;;

I've been drawing a whole lot of illustrations for Genki which was placed on various places all over the con 8D

At  friday on the con I cosplayed a Splicer from the games bioshock 8D

At Saturday I was Grell Sutcliff from Kuroshitsuji and performed my very first act with a friend of mine called Foxy, who cosplayed Sebastian!

And on sunday I was Luxord 8D Not many regocnized me, but a lot of people where interested in my beard and kept poking it D8

I don't really have any more to say other than that 8'D I am terribly at blogs, but I will get better!!!

... when I get the patience to write them properly OTL;

mandag den 2. august 2010

Second day of blogging!

Exactly as the titles says!

Today started of easy, waited some hours before my friend Foxy would come over. I picked her up at the station and then we went to the mall like 50 meters away to get an appointment at the hairdresser on the 9th, uuuh~

We then went home and straight into my garden to practice our act for Genki 2010! We're very exited abuot it, and it's something I'm so freaking nervous about! I want it too look absolutly perfect, and do my very best, so I hope it'll go well! At least now, we didn't make any mistakes and new exactly what to do!
Then we tested it with some of the cosplay on and my chainsaw, and noticed that it was still wet in some places (And I painted it like 1 week ago...) but it was a very thick paint and there's no air getting into the room where it stands!
Then I sat down for an hour or so and painted the last of the chainsaw

I'm making quite a mess on the beforehand white cloth ..... he he....

Some time after it began to rain, and after it took off I went out to take some pictures or our cherries <3

and that's all for today, see ya' guys <3

søndag den 1. august 2010

First day!

Okay cool, so here I am!
Zuum asked me if I had a blog, and as I said no she then showed me this website!

sooo... today, not much has been going on. Has been preparing stuff for Genki! (mostly drawings as I know nothing about what is going to happen otherwise...) This picture show pretty much just HOW hard working we were! Can you fell the intensity!? (this is Allan by the way)

Went home about 10 in the evening, and don't know what to do at this very moment ahahahaha....

*shots self*
oh well!