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Trip to Konya!

From April 12th till' April 16th I was in Konya with my Drama Class!

My school is participating in an international project called the "Comenius project" which is about bringing countries in Europe together by sports and physical activities in generel. We are 9 countries in total in this project, and we met up in Konya to meet the other participants and learn about Konya.

On the first day we met in the airport in Copenhagen at 10 in the morning. We flew off to Istanbul at 12 and had a 2 hour long wait before we went on to Konya!

here we have Ditte in the airport in Istanbul getting fed by Astrid!

It was around 4 or 5 pm at this time, so it was nice to get something to eat...!

When in Konya, one of our teammates, Martin, had his bagage lost... They didn't know where it was so he had to go to our hotel without any bagage and only a small backpack. We were picked up by a small bus where the Rumanians also were in.

We were at the Hotel about 11 in the evening I think. We all got together in one of the rooms and began to play a lot of theater games were you had to guess movie titles and songs by only using your body launguage, and it was hilarious to watch what people came up with!

Day 1 in Konya!

The next day we had to get up at 7 and get ready to visit a school in Konya

We didn't get to eat a lot for breakfast, as the food wasn't exactly terrific. (All of us danes missed the Brownbread at home, instead of all the white in Konya..!)

When we got there we were shown a 1/3 of the school and found out rather quickly just how big the school was........ It was about 10 times bigger than our own school, with 10 times as many students as well, it was quite overwhelming to see..!
We were allowed to have some freetime out in the school yard, and we found out that the students were off school the next two days so they were able to talk to all those who visited, including us. We only stood there for 7 seconds and we already had tons of people over talking to us!

We were litterally surrounded!

After that we were taken out to visit Konya! We saw the inner part of the city which included many beautiful buildings and sights. (but somehow I hadn't seem to take many photos of that. but mostly of my classmates...!)


I was with a bunch of crazy girls as you can see.... And only two boys (who were just as crazy)

But even though they were crazy, they were also just as lovely to be with for 4 days <3


This was taken at building where there was a beautiful spring outside.

But even though we spent a lot of time watching the buildings, we also spend time having fun! So besides shopping, we also got to smoke hookah!

This was out guide (a student from the school) who turned out to be incredibly good at smoking rings......!!

Martin tried to do it aswell, but the result turned out a bit different.

.....quite different
 This is Ditte and me smoking into each other faces...!

 Day 2 in Konya!

The next day we had to go to the school again to the rest of the countries!
We sat for a meeting at first to choose a logo, and after that we went down in the schoolyard to see some traditional turkish dancing and get some traditional turkish food as well!
(It tasted oh so good....nomnom...<3)

 And this is beautiful Asta!


This was a girl I met on the first day, and she found me the next day as well! She was really nice and managed to pull me into the dance, which turned out to be way more fun then I first thought!

After that the people from Greece began to show a dance, and we also had a game of basketball. Then the day was over at the school and we were allowed to walk freely in town afterwards!

On the way home we got past a lot of shopping places, and we hadn't been able to find anything that was cheap or nice, but in the end we actually did find something!I managed to buy 3 t-shirts, a dress, 2 cardigans and a trouser suit, and really cheap as well ! We then went home and had a rest until we had to go out eating.

And after that we went out smoking again :D 

We went home late in the evening and the boys slept in our room, but there wasn't enough room for more beds so me and Martin had to squeese together in one bed.
It wasn't exactly a peaceful night for neither of us... BUT it was at least it was very cosy!

Day 3 in Konya!

We had to get up at 5 in the morning to go to a bus trip with all the 9 countires outside of Konya. We had to see about 9 things as far as I remember. An old resting place for travellers back in the days (which totally reminded me of Assassins Creed!)


We visited a Vulcano, a mountain of a sort and an underground city as well. I didn't go to the underground city, waaay to claoustrophobic......! But when we went out to buy rings for the girls, I managed to take a picture of one of the sellers, in return for buying one of her stuff.

We also saw a valley. We spent a lot of time there just having fun and talking, and taking a lot of photos as well..! There was a lot of things to climb and a really amazing view.

We then had two more stops after lunch, another valley with strange formations in the rocks, and houses that were built into them due to the war (I'm not sure which war, they didn't say that)

After that, we went home and slept. We had to get up 4 in the morning, and we flew towards Istanbul at 6 in the morning. Martin also recieved his bagage again! And saw it for only 2 seconds before it was sent home again...!

We were back in Copenhagen at 11 in the morning and I went straight to my friend Becky's house, to have small party to celebrate our 18's birthdays. Thank you so much to Sasha and Lavi who made it whom I sat and talked to the whole evening/night <3

And that was it! Now it's easter and I will try to enjoy the holiday as much as I can! I hope you're all having a nice time! :D

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