torsdag den 4. november 2010


Hey there, guys!

At the moment I am in school, and we're having math.... I swear I'm following in class!....
or not....

Yesterday we had OD day acroos the country on all the high schools in Denmark. I worked with 3 other girls from my class to get money to help a country, and we had to clean out the attic for an apartment.
We arrived at 10 and at 10:30 we had finished cleaning one of the rooms.... mark my words, ONE of the rooms....!
Then we went down and relaxed a bit and then suddenly he came over and said, that we had to go to the door to the left and down the hallway. Then there was 4 other hallways filled with couches, TV's, curtains, teddy bears, madrasses and all sorts of heavy stuff that I don't know the name of and glassplates and so on...! And we had to get them from 6th floor down to the street and into a dumpster
My arms are so sore..... and my legs and knees.. urrrrrghhhh *feels like a zombie*

Besides that I sat on livestream for the 2nd time yesterday and tried to continue on a concept I had of my character U, for 26 Letters.
At the moment, I don't like any part of what I've drawn of it... I only like the sketch but the coloring annoys me è____é
His face is too stiff and doll like, and his yes makes him look like a pedofile, herp derp
and the hair.... I've always had trouble with coloring hair, but seriously..! I color it the same way as I color fabrics!
BUT I WON'T GIVE UP!!! I like the concept and I soooo want to finish this drawing, so I have to find a way to get satisfied with it!
The link to my livestream is this if you want to check it out or give me tips during my drawing, please do so!!
Don't be scared to suddenly go "Hold on a minute woman, you're doing it wrong!" Cause' I won't know unless you tell me, and I can't improve unless you help me, so pleeeease do help!! <3<3<3

I think that's it for now, sorry I didn't have any photos this time!
See ya' guys! <3

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