fredag den 7. januar 2011


Snow is falling...still?!
seriously. It's incredible. Make it stop.

I am so bad at remembering this account........!

Out holidays just ended and I started school on the 3rd of January.... I could soooo need some more sleep. I just fell alseep in class today. Again. for half an hour or more, until someone padded me on the back and we had to divide into groups.
Even if I go to bed early and prevent myself from sleeping the whole day, I still end up being tired in school.....!! It's a curse I tell you
I must be some sort of voodoo doctor somewhere who's doing it

I've even begun to fall sleep while drawing. I was about to ruin a drawing with copic markers, because my eyes suddenly began to shut, while my hand was still moving and I didn't know where the heck I was drawing.... fffff-

Sooooo the topic today is sleep
I need it. Badly. Someone who cares to share?

But hey, the weekend is here! Time to sleep and celebrate my friend Taichi's 16th birthday!!

I hope you all will enjoy the weekend!

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