lørdag den 15. januar 2011

Work In Progress

Hello Everyone !

At the moment I am dragging all the stuff that is resting on my laptop, unto my PC. You wanna know why? well you see... my laptop is dying............
For about a month ago, it SPONTANEOUSLY denied to charge. Simply just like that.
I fixed the wire a bit, and then it was okay to go again. But then it kept doing it for over a month, as if it went: "no no, I don't wanna....! ...okay now I wanna-...waaait, not quite....NOW! haha, got ya'...!"

My laptop is having mood swings.....

On another topic, I am working on commisions a lot lately.
The comic I've been wanting to release here in January/February has been put on hiatus. It's not what I wanted to do from the start, but I simply can't find the time to sit down and draw around 30 pages for a comic...
And I still want to draw in my freetime, and since my creativity level is 0 at the moment, I've been taking on more commisions, as i know what precisely I have to draw, and that i HAVE to finish them.

I also got a hell of a lot of WIP's on my computer, that I've never gotten around to finish. Like a bioshock drawing that should have been done a year ago

This was quite a lot of WIP'S, worst things is that this isn't even half of them all ..........!

Program of the day;

Draw commisions
Finish half of the math assignment
Go to the movies with Julie J.

Tommorow... tommorow will be assignments, assignments, and yet more assignments..... and costume work on school at 10 in the morning..!

I hope you all will have a nice weekend <3

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