fredag den 4. marts 2011

Something to look at

I got some WIP'S that has piled up in my folder, some I don't know if I should finish or not, and others I know that are dead... for good...


...go, GO GO!

Okay so I got a whole lot more, but they are seriously not worth showing, ffff-

This weekend is going to consist of; Homework + commissions + sleep, And most likely a colab! 

On other news:

I'm finally able to make videos with my camera, so I'm trying to figure out something to say for a vlog for my youtube channel!
But I'm pretty much blank......

you guys got any ideas?

Or else I'll figure something out and be really random and awkward on camera ahahaha;;;.......
moving on.

I hope you all will have a nice weekend! <3

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