mandag den 14. marts 2011

Whoah, where did my brain go....!

My desk is messy and piles of paper are all over it. Piles of homework...!
I just finished 3 assignments yesterday,and I have to finish 2 more before wednesday... weeeee...!

right now I'm just pretty much chillin' and researching for one of the assignments, and then I'll do some Latin homework, and tomorrow I'll finish the rest.
And if I'm not too tired, I'll probably do some live streaming either tomorrow morning or evening. It's a drawing of Humon's OC Peter as a Demon, and my OC Kain. Such a great mix ......! :D

I'm also working on commissions, and just finished one of the chibies, and going to finish another one today, and then I'll work on the last two big pieces I have, and then I will be open for commissions again!

woop woop, see ya' guys!

picture is taken By Silas

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